About Us

We are a team of privacy advocates helping shape the modern world so that software and content is accessible without the compromise of having to give up your privacy or security.

Privacy is a fundamental human right.

Whether you are buying a glass of milk, browsing the internet, or messaging a friend – your privacy is your right. Privacy should be by default.

Our Vision

Who We Are

"Don't tell them your story unless you want them being apart of it"

The uPlexa Foundation is a collaborative effort to provide open-source and secure privacy based tools that are accessible to all. Our mission goes even further into educating the world on privacy and security issues so that they may better understand and implement modern privacy technologies.

The uPlexa Foundation is a not-for-profit organization registered in Canada, with an multi-national founding team.

Board of Directors

Primary director

Kyle Pierce

Kyle is a co-founder of the uPlexa project, the uPlexa Foundation’s first project. Since 2018, he has helped develop new technologies, maintain online presence, and provide support on behalf of the uPlexa project.

Kyle is a longstanding believer in the technologies of decentralized financial instruments and has dedicated the last three years of his life in pursuit of a truly free market.


Joe Mckittrick

Joe is among one of the founding directors of the uPlexa Foundation. He plays an active role in providing beneficial information and optimism in a community fighting for their fundamental rights.

Joe comes from a background in centralized finance with over 25 years of experience.


Emeric Guyon

Emeric is a founding director of the uPlexa Foundation. He has a background in web development and computer science.

Emeric is an advocate for the mass adoption of decentralized technologies, in hopes that it will lead to truly equal global standards.